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Therapeutic Dance Workshops

  1. Most therapeutic dance is done for leisure or pleasure, even if it is providing a mental health or behavioral component.  Dance therapy, on the other hand, is a form of psychotherapy which relies on the relationship between client and therapist. 
  2. Therapeutic dance, often taught by an artist, teacher or therapist is more commonly referred to as instruction whereas dance therapy, led by a master’s level certified dance therapist, typically involves facilitation. 
  3.  While therapeutic dance focuses on movement goals, dance therapy typically focuses on psychosocial goals or behavioral intervention. While both may assist in development of self-esteem, confidence, and awareness, the process by which that occurs can be vastly different.
  4. Therapeutic dance, whether it is for individuals living with Autism or diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, often focuses on a specific dance style or form. 
  5. Both therapeutic dance and dance therapy are beneficial, needed, and in many cases, necessary.


Therapeutic dance vs Dance Therapy

Women Empowerment

Women's empowerment is an essential but sometimes misunderstood topic. Make it a priority in your company. Informing, training and supporting your employees regarding this topic can prevent a lot of problems and helps to create a balanced environment. I introduce the topic with a practical coaching methodology and I make sure we introduce both the mens and womens perspectives

Communication & Cooperation workshops

Discover a new innovative way of enhancing communication skills in your team. We cover all aspects with a practical coaching program to help your team to master communication skills, this vital element that will help the team to improve productivity, team dynamics and cooperation level.

Public Speaking Confidence workshops

Public speaking is one of the most critical skills in professional life. Learn more about Body language, posture, other skills via practical coaching to master this art form. Also, if you are not confident, it is unlikely that you can be the speaker you want to be. My methodology helps leaders and individuals to create a magical first impression.

Employer Branding workshops

Create an attractive office environment and workplace to align your workforce needs and the demand. Attract the employees you need with the same values and motives that your company stands for. Save time and energy to create your Employer Brand.  Having a brand advocate team is the perfect tool for getting more visibility on your target market.  Improve and align the leaders and teams in your corporate.

Student workshops

Starting life is difficult; having the right skill-set and mindset is crucial to success. Allow young adults to have all the tools and assets to create the life they want. Let them do things they are passionate about.  Make them prepared to solve their problems fast and being resilient. Personal branding, a practical coaching methodology, and a professional coach is the best way to prepare for the unpredictable future.

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